RLSS Sussex Branch organise a range of competitions throughout the year to ….


The following competitions are due to take place in 2019. Please note the dates and locations will be updated throughout the year. All entries will be made online, through the website.



Competitions Code of Conduct

All competitors, helpers and spectators should:

  • Treat everybody with respect regardless of race, gender, colour, language, disability or political choice
  • Operate within the guidelines and spirit of Lifesaving
  • Take part fairly and by the rules
  • Be polite and listen
  • Respect and take care of equipment
  • Be quiet when asked to by officials and leaders
  • Work hard for the team
  • Always accept the decisions of the officials and leaders
  • Encourage individuals to display the same qualities
  • Be generous when you win and gracious when you loose
  • Be a role model

Any competitors, helpers or spectators not maintaining these standards will be disqualified from the competition or will be asked to leave the competition.