RLSS UK National Honours

RLSS UK National Honours

The National Presentation of Honours 2018 will be on Saturday 19th October 2019. The annual National Honours Ceremony is designed to say thank you to all who contribute to a reduction in drowning in the UK and Ireland.

The concept underlying the Honours system is that length of service and meritorious work should each be recognised separately. There are, therefore, two series of Honours – Service Honours and Merit Honours. Each series is independent of the other and each has a different criteria of eligibility. Individuals may, and often will, hold both Service and Merit Honours and could receive one of each in a single year. It should be emphasised that both Service Honours and Merit Honours have equal value and are awarded in recognition of valuable work done to support the aims of the Society.

We invite all members to nominate individuals and groups who are considered worthy of recognition. For more information on each Honours category and to submit Honours click on the tabs below.

Download the 2019 Honours GuidelinesPlease refer to the Honours Flowchart for further assistance. Friends of the Society nomination forms are available here.

The Honours process also includes a series of Special Trophies and Awards:

Sussex Branch historical honours are available on the sidebar.