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Sussex Rookie Pool Festival 2023

This is a Rookie Pool Festival open to all lifesavers under 15.

There are 3 categories: 8 to under 11, under 13 and under 15. These are teams of up to 6 with each event being 4 team members. Teams must be mixed.

The events are as follows:

  • Freestyle Relay 4 x 25m
  • Lifesaving Backstroke Relay 4 x 25m
  • Push Ball Relay 4 x 25m
  • Obstacle Relay 4 x 25m
  • Rope Throw Relay U11 5m, U13 8m, U15 10m
  • Head Tow Boat Race 25m
  • Brick Relay 4 x 25m
  • Paddle Board Relay 4 x 25m

This competition will be held at Battle Abbey School Pool on Sunday 26th November 2023.

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